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VUDU has a show on Friday at 7 PM. I am not in this show, because it is an improv show and they don't need any statue characters.

Kanpeki has a new forum to go with the website overhaul I'm working on. I have the front page done, but it's like answering one question and opening up a jillion more. Here is a list of the steps I take to redesign my website from the ground up.

  • New front page, with links to Kanpeki, StoneHeart, a gallery, and six other pages
  • Completely redo Kanpeki site (this involves going into every single page and adding a blurb at the top, among other things. FUN)
  • Starting from scratch, do the gallery next
  • Write out assorted pages (About Me, Links, Contact - the other three point offsite)
  • Finish enough of StoneHeart to justify putting it online
  • Purge all the files off my current site, get new site online

Note that this is an unordered list and I may do the steps out of order. Still, getting Kanpeki's site redone is a must before I can put any of anything online.

Additionally, I went out and got some Chips Ahoy yesterday. And I know that has nothing to do with anything. :)
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