Kae (tafkae) wrote in kaes_komix,

Golden Sun comics, all in one place for your convenience!

You know them and love them... they are my Golden Sun doodle comics!!

Most of them are sideways, but just to annoy you, one of them goes straight up and down. I'll put them under cuts also for your convenience. (As a warning, some of them are humungous because I wrote the text too small :P )

(I reused this joke in some later ones, so it goes first. Plus I had the joke before I ever started playing the game.)

(I didn't figure out until like... halfway through the forest... why I was following that stupid thing...)

(My party NEVER SHUT UP. But on the plus side, there was a lot of cool stuff in the desert. There always is. There must be some kind of club that goes around leaving cool stuff in deserts.... like, the Leaving Cool Stuff Lying Around The Desert Club.)

(In case you can't read it, Ivan is telling Babi he looks like a purple Jesus. Which he does, actually. Incidentally, I almost got stuck because I really did think he was an invisible log or a glitch.)

(The normally obnoxiously polite and considerate Ivan suggests, out of the blue, "Let's use our Psynergy to cheat at Colosso, since it's not like anybody will know." It was just amusing, that's all.)

(I was wondering, just what did Alex and Felix do to keep themselves occupied while living in a frozen wasteland for three years? Why, what anybody else with superpowers would do...)

(This is the best way to kill Kraden I've come up with yet. Because all he's good for is being old and interrupting Felix.)

That's all of them. If you didn't enjoy them, I know a few spells that will drop a giant sword on you.
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