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Komix by Kae

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All Your Valpo: Derby Days [23 Sep 2005|06:59am]

This week's comic requires a little more backstory, because it's very Valpo-specific. Every year, the Sigma Chi fraternity does an event called "Derby Days" to raise money for some charitable thing... I don't remember what. :P They get all the girls involved that they possibly can - including, but probably not limited to, nearly the entire population of the third and fifth floor of my hall, and every sorority on campus.

The main event of Derby Days is where one of the frat guys walks around with a cheap little derby hat on, and he gets mauled by hordes of college girls trying to get the hat to get points for their wing or sorority.

Yeah. We can see what's in it for Sig Chi. >:)

Anyway, I haven't participated (one of the girls who got involved has to have surgery for a broken nose), but I'm told this week's comic is frighteningly accurate. (Side note: Bobby is not in Sig Chi, he's a fratless freshman, but... after this, he'll probably join them ASAP. xD)

And now, the comic itself.Collapse )
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All your Valpo are belong to us [19 Sep 2005|04:25pm]

As you had better know, I draw comics for my university newspaper, the Torch. Hence why I fail to work on the real ones most of the time. Slacking TOTALLY not due to being high on Golden Sun. ..... Nope.

Anyway, the first three weeks' worth can be seen below the cut. I'll be showing a new one roughly weekly, since it's a weekly paper.

All Your Valpo...Collapse )
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GAME START [23 Dec 2012|12:00am]


Comics by Tafkae, which is long for Kae. You should call me Kae.

You can find here updates about Kanpeki and StoneHeart, both of which I draw.

You will also see miscellaneous comics like the one I draw weekly for my school newspaper.

Leave your thoughts, post your fanart, no hay reglas. :)

We'll see how this goes.
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